Wednesday, September 20, 2006


CMC BF723.A4.P45 2002 Temper Tamers: An Eight Session Anger Management Pull-Out Program

CMC GR72.3.P45 2005 Drawing Stories from Around the World

CMC HQ76.25.C42 2000t Challenging Homophobia in Schools Teaching

Principles and Practice
CMC LB1033.5.C43 2004 Teacher Talk: The Art of Effective Communication
CMC LB1033.5.C4285 2004 School Board Talk : The Art of Effective Communication
CMC LB1044.9.P49.C87 1999 Curriculum Connections: Picture Books in Grade 3 and up
CMC LB1050.455.S734 Standards for Middle and High School Literary Coaches

Special Education
CMC LB1060.2.B76 2003 Behavior Disorder IEP Companion
CMC LC4704.C95 2000 Source for Learning Disabilities
CMC LC4704.L957 2000 v.2 LD Teacher’s IDEA Companion: Grades 6-12
CMC LC4704.5.B76 2005 LD Teacher’s IEP Companion: Adolescent and Adult

Language Arts and Literature
CMC LB1573.3.P543 2003 v.1 Phonics Lessons: Teacher Resources: 1
CMC LB1573.3.P543 2003 v.2 Phonics Lessons: Teacher Resources: 2
CMC LB1575.R33 2003 New Kid in School: Using Literature to Help Children in Transition
CMC LB1584.G48 2000 Caldecott Connections to Social Science
CMC PE1449.F79 2004 Vocabulary Teacher’s Book of Lists
CMC PN43.S77v 2005 Literature Teacher’s Book of Lists: Grades 6-12

Teaching as a Profession
CMC LB1777.2.A75 2001 Succeeding in the Secondary School Classroom

CMCLB2844.1.S8.D4452006 Substitute Teaching Survival Guide: Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice, Grades K-5

CMC LB2844.1.S8.D45x 2005 Substitute Teaching Survival Guide : Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice, Grades 6-12 Educational Administration

CMC LB2831.92 .K55 2003 K-12 Principal's Guide to No Child Left Behind Family and School

CMC LC226.C47 2005 Parent talk: The Art of Effective Communication With the School and Your Child

CMC QH54.5.A45 2001 National Wildlife Federation: Access to Nature Textbooks

Text 510.712.C752 grade 7 Teacher Guide Package: Connected Mathematics: Grade 7
Text 510.712.C752 grade 8 Teacher Guide Package: Connected Mathematics: Grade 8


SupportBlogging-Links To Blogs In The Classroom SupportBlogging! has been set up to provide an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others to help promote an understanding of the benefits of educational blogging. Contains articles, teacher resources and links to classroom blogs.

Becoming American – New Immigration Stories-Reading Lists and More! is a project designed to provide libraries throughout the United States with a selection of excellent books on immigrant literature for adults and families. The reading lists and resources on this Web site have been developed to help librarians engage their communities in reading and discussing important texts containing rich and deep insights into our vibrant tradition of immigrant literature


(Accessible from the Guarini Library Home Page
Click on Databases by Title , Scroll Down to KCDL and click either campus/ off campus depending on your location.)

The KCDL online covers curricula, frameworks, and standards brings together educational objectives, content, instructional strategies, and evaluative techniques for all subjects covered in PreK-12 and Adult Basic Education.
New Content and Updates:
The following materials have been added to the collection, including documents from:
· National Aquarium in Baltimore (MD) – Traveling Outreach Programs (Adaptations; Ocean Theme Day; Salinity Lab; Slither, Slide, Creep and Crawl; Squid Lab; Trash in a Marsh; Waterman’s Lab); Behind the Scenes (9-12); Boneless Bunch (1-3); Chesapeake Bay Explorations (4-6); Field Trip Guides (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12); Hermit Crab and Whelk Animal Interview (PreK-K); Horseshoe Crab Animal Interview (PreK-K); Phylum Lab (9-12); Sharks (1-3)

· National Institutes of Health-Office of Science Education (MD) – Doing Science-The Process of Scientific Inquiry; Looking Good, Feeling Good-From the Inside Out. Exploring Bone, Muscle, and Skin; The Brain-Our Sense of Self; The Science of Energy Balance-Caloric Intake and Physical Activity; The Science of Mental Illness; Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology

· National Parks of New York Harbor Education Center – Sentinels of Our Shores Teacher Guide

· The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (CO) - More Activity Ideas for Schools; Teachers’ Corner - Shared Ideas; Teacher’s Guide; Your High School Kindness Ideas; Lesson Plans for: Arts & Crafts, Elementary School, K-12, Middle School, Reading / Writing, Service Learning