Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Math Teacher ties math to students interests!

"For Ronald Duncan, being an effective high school teacher is all about making things relatable for the students. 
Duncan has been teaching math at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City for the past eight years, and in that time he's developed a methodology that focuses on a student's individual strengths, to make the sometimes daunting subject more easily accessible for his ninth to twelfth grade students."
"If he's teaching a football player for example, Duncan might use audibles and formations to help the student understand what a proper equation or formula looks like and then challenge him to see the relationship between them."
A few books* already highlight student interests and their connection to math:
Adamson, Thomas K.    Basketball : the math of the game
Juv.796.32 .A221b
Frederick, Shane            Football: The Math of the game                                                                Juv.796.33.F852f           (geometry, percentages, mean median mode ,positive and negative numbers.)

Martin, Hope              The math of sports
CMC. QA109 .M376 2000

Murray, Stuart             Score with basketball math
Juv.796.32 .M984s                                                                    

Murray, Stuart             Score with race car math
Juv.796.72 .M984s  

Murray, Stuart             Score with soccer math
Juv.796.33 .M984s

Perritano, John               Start the game : geometry in sports
Juv.516.15 .P458s
* in the Congressman Frank J. Guarini Library

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Free Comic Book Day-Saturday- 5/7/16

Free Comic Book Day is May 7, 2016!

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