Monday, October 15, 2007

NCLB call-in this week! Call now


AFT leaders and activists are invited to participate in a congressional call-in week, Oct. 15-19, on the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). After living under NCLB for the past five and a half years, we all know that substantial changes must be made to this law. NCLB can be fixed only if your representative and senators hear directly from you.

Please call 866/327-8670 during that week to be connected to your members of Congress. Share your experiences of how NCLB is not working and urge your representative and senators to take the time to get this law right. The process should be driven by the product, not the clock. Urge your members of Congress to fix adequate yearly progress (AYP) so that it truly reflects how schools are performing; to oppose measures that will lead to more teaching to the test; and to oppose "pay to the test" provisions that mandate the use of test scores to evaluate teachers for determining salary or incentives. When you call, an operator will ask you to identify your representative and senators.

To find the names of your members of Congress, visit For more information on the AFT's campaign to fix NCLB, go to

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