Monday, June 08, 2009

Calling Newark-Teen Girls -Apply NOW-June Deadline

From the Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Last Chance: Apply for Newark Summer Institute ONLINE Last Chance!

Apply Online: Apply now for Newark Summer Institute 2009

Please help spread the word to your youth contacts about this great opportunity. The application date has been extended to June! or 718.422.8664

Frequently Asked Question
What do we do? SNLP is a unique educational leadership program that is made up of young women ages 14-21 in New York City and Newark, NJ. We are currently recruiting for our Summer Leadership Institute for 2009. SNLP gives you a chance to meet amazing peers and accomplished leaders (like filmmakers, activists, scientists, artists, writers); to take fun exciting courses (about things like human rights, creative writing, medicine, sociology, the environment); and to develop your unique way of leading with your peers and with our support. SNLP is about you, run by you and for you, as a leader and as a young woman.

Why do we do it? The Sadie Nash Leadership Project is designed to guide you through a process in which you come to understand the importance of your life experiences, and how these experiences can be applied to taking action and making change. We believe you, as a young woman in high school, have the ability to change the world, now and in your future. The Sadie Nash Leadership Project is your opportunity to take some time and look at your own leadership, your potential leadership, and the leadership of the women around you.

How does it work? The Sadie Nash Leadership Project requires an initial commitment of six weeks. The summer program lasts for six weeks from July 6th – August 14th, Monday through Friday from 10am until 4pm (on Fridays, we have special events and the hours are different). The summer program will be located in downtown Newark (we hope on the Rutgers Newark campus where it was located last year) which is accessible by bus and train. There will be required pre-session orientation meetings in early June to prepare you for the summer, and to provide an opportunity to meet the staff and to get to know each other. During the summer you and your peers will take classes, meet women involved in different forms of leadership, take workshops on issues that are important to you, and explore your own and others' leadership. The program is FREE, and in fact you will receive a weekly stipend to attend.

What is the stipend? To help you cover your expenses (food and transportation) during the summer you will receive a stipend during the program for everyday you attend. You only receive the stipend when you are at the program because it covers those two direct costs that come with attendance

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