Friday, October 30, 2009

Jersey City Public Library staff on Wendy Williams,11/9/09

“How YOU doin’?” is the signature greeting of nationally syndicated radio, and now TV personality, Wendy Williams, so Library Director Priscilla Gardner decided to have some fun and recorded a video with some of the administrative staff – all, giving their distinctive versions of, what else?! “How YOU doin’?”

Wendy loved the video, and now the Jersey City Free Public Library will appear live on her show on Monday, November 9th, with all participants introducing Wendy. The Wendy Williams Show originally airs daily (M-F) at 10 a.m. on Fox 5 (WYNY-TV, Channel 5) and is repeated, daily (M-F) at 10 p.m. on My 9 (WWOR-TV, Channel 9) Both television stations are in the New York metro area.Maybe it’s because Wendy Williams is a Jersey Girl and proud of it, or maybe it’s also because of Assistant Library Director Dennis Hayes’ (all-body) rendition (seein’s believin’!) of her question, “How YOU doin’?” that the Jersey City Free Public Library will be featured.

Dan Fitzpatrick, the Associate Producer of The Wendy Williams Show, wrote in an e-mail to Director Gardner that Wendy “LOVED” Dennis Hayes’ take on her query.The Library Director called Miller Assistant Branch Head Jason Sanders to video tape the production on October 20th, with the following participants (in order of saying,“How YOU doin’?”): Library Director Priscilla Gardner; Carolyn Armour, administrative assistant to the Library Director; Carl Shipman, Maintenance; Assistant Library Director Sonia Araujo; Finance Director Wayne Ponder; MIS Head Victor Enriquez; Assistant Library Director Dennis Hayes; and Patricia Dunn of the Business Office.

Watch all participants and the videographer introduce Wendy on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, November 9th!

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