Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jersey City Museum hosts International Black Film Festival 1/29-1/30/10

Jersey City Museum is pleased to present the 6th Annual African Diaspora Film Series on Friday, January 29, and Saturday, January 30, 2010. The African Diaspora Film Series features a selection of films from emerging and established filmmakers of color. Highlights from the series include five premiere film screenings, DVD release, a two-for-one double feature, Q&A's, and more. ( See

The Museum is located at
350 Montgomery Street (at the corner of Monmouth Street)
Jersey City, NJ. 07302

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010[1:30PM] GLORIOUS EXIT: Jarreth Merz, a Swiss-Nigerian actor living in Los Angeles, is summoned to Nigeria to bury his father. Nigerian tradition mandates the eldest child to take charge of a father's burial. Although he accepts the responsibility, he struggles with why he feels morally responsible toward Nigerian tradition and a family whom he hardly knows. Jarreth starts a journey of self-discovery. By Kevin Merz, Niegeria/Switzerland, 2008, 75mins, Documentary in English and German with English subtitles. Winner "Festival Real Life" Accra 2008. Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 2008.

[3:30PM] THE JOURNEY OF THE LION: Brother Howie is a Jamaican Rastifari who dreams of the land of his ancestors: Africa. On a journey in search of his roots and his identity he travels through three continents and - with great humor and sensitivity - discovers the world...and Africa. By Fritz Baumann, 1992, 90mins, docu-drama in English. Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 1994. SPECIAL PROMOTION! Get an automatic $5 discount on your purchase of the JAMAICAN MUSIC & SOUL DVD -Two film Set DVD with "Made in Jamaica" & "The Journey of the Lion" - by showing your "The Journey of the Lion" ticket from the 3:30pm screening.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2010[1:00PM] CANDOMBE: [AFRO-LATINO MUSIC PROGRAM] More than two hundred years ago, there was an influx into Uruguay of slaves from Africa whom, after being freed, continued to make up the poorest and most marginalized strata in society. Fernando Nunez, a black man, a musician, and a maker of drums, sees himself as the heir to "Candombe", an important social and cultural legacy from his slave forefathers. The official history and culture of Uruguay, on the other hand, which has never acknowledged this contribution to the degree which it deserves, continues to marginalize expressions of black culture. Fernando Nunez and his friends from the Barrio Sur back street quarter of Montevideo have decided to fight to keep these important cultural roots alive in the consciousness of the Uruguayan people. By Rafael Deugenio, 1993, 16mins, Docu-Drama with Spanish with English subtitles. Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 1993

SONS OF BENKOS: An entertaining documentary that explores the African culture of Colombia through music. The film presents the music of the "Sons of Benkos," one of the most important Black leaders in the fight for freedom during the times of slavery in Colombia. The film also shows the evolution of Afro-Colombian music over time through the fusion of Cuban and contemporary African rhythms with traditional Afro-Colombian music. By Silva Lucas, 2003, 52mins, Spanish with English subtitles. Docu-Drama. Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 2006. [Panel discussion after the screening.][3:00PM] PRO-BLACK SHEEP: Rashad is a young man with extraordinary intellectual sophistication. He is discovered to be sending anonymous emails to black leaders, criticizing them for undermining the progress of black America. The leader who makes the discovery hires Rashad as an adviser, setting him on a journey to find the voice he needs to make a difference. By Clayton Broomes Jr., USA, 2009, 109mins, drama in English. Official selection, African Diaspora Film Festival 2009. [Panel discussion after the screening]

Admission Fee: $10.00
Contact: Diarah N'Daw-Spech, ADFF / ArtMattan Productions, (212) 864-1760
Rita Salpieto, Jersey City Museum, (201) 413-0303, ext. 144
Ben Jones, New Jersey City University, (201) 200-3245

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