Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Abbott Leadership Institute classes-Fall 2011

Abbott Leadership Institute- Parent/Educator/Community Worker  Classes

 For the past 9 years, the Abbott Leadership Institute has taught education advocacy, policy and practice to parents, educators, community members and students of Newark and neighboring communities. The  primary goal is to improve the education of children in Newark, and that goal is possible only with informed parent and community engagement. After attending an ALI Series, parents will know the right questions to ask and how to influence school and education policy at the local, state and national level. Our parents are able to navigate the system and build relationships with people who can help them ensure their child receives a quality education. ALI Parents are Empowered Parents!

Series 20 - Making all Schools Work: Equal Opportunities, Equal Resources
Class One:
What every parent should know:
Updates: Changes in Newark Public Schools School Co-location or Shared Campuses , Return to Local Control, New Leadership & Your Child's Education
Sat., September 17, 2011
Rutgers University-Newark
Conklin Hall Room 100
175 University Ave. Newark, NJ 07102

Top 5 Reasons you should spend your Saturday mornings with the Abbott Leadership Institute:

1. GREAT BENEFITS: Classes are informative, free, fun, and there is always food! :)
2. CERTIFICATION: You receive a certificate of completion if you attend at least 4 of the 7 classes.
3. PROFESSIONAL CREDITS: You can receive professional credit hours for every class you attend.
4. MOVING NPS FORWARD: You will have a better understanding of Newark Public Schools and school reform, which means you can be more engaged in making our schools better.
5. PLAY A ROLE IN THE PROCESS: You will be able to work with parents, educators, students, politicians and community members who share your love for NPS and our children!

Series Continues, Saturdays:
October 1, 2011
October 15, 2011 - not an ALI event, but will count for a class
October 29, 2011
November 12, 2011
November 19, 2011
December 3, 2011
Schedule Subject to Change

All classes are Free, and children are welcome. We Eat, Discuss the Issues, and have Fun!
Contact Kaleena Berryman with Questions 973.353.3560 or kaleenab@rutgers.edu.

Website : http://www.abbottleadership.org/
Also see what the The Abbott Leadership Institute Youth Media Symposium accomplished this summer:

The Abbott Leadership Institute Youth Media Symposium was selected as the first and second place winners from numerous applicants from around the country.  The ALI Youth  Public Service Announcements entitled, “Cutbacks & Taking a Stand” premiered at the Save Our Schools March Workshop on Friday, July 30, 2011 in Washington, DC and was received by the  audience with an engaged and warm response."

To view the winning videos, click on the links below:
1. "CUTBACKS" PSA; producer: William Rodriguez link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7xCNfvpkis
2. "Take a Stand" PSA; producer: Alonzo Hamlett link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whEVkqnLMTk

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