Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Environment and Elections-Lesson Plans for Earth Day and Beyond

As Earth Day approaches, lesson plans on the Flint Water crisis provide an interesting perspective

Flint Water Crisis 

Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center has a lesson plan on Progressive City Planners  with these objectives:

Students will:
  • Consider how our society is divided by race and class and consider the stark differences in treatment within communities
  • Evaluate previous biases against people of color and working-class communities.
  • Analyze the impact of environmental racism on the health and well-being of communities of color
  • Create a vision of a more just and equitable society
Another environmental lesson plan was included in this blog's post

The Teachable Moment
The Teachable Moment a project of the Morningside Center
has the following lesson plan  and readings specifically on the crisis


The Teachable Moment also has lessons on the current elections

Teaching Tolerance has lesson plans on past election and voters' rights concerns

For more lesson plan websites and other materials   check this bibliography

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