Tuesday, August 30, 2016

14th Annual New Jersey LGBTQA Leadership Conference 10/28/16


This year’s conference will be held on Friday, October 28th, 2016 at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Noon on September 21st, 2016

The LGBTQA College Leadership Conference Planning Committee invites proposals for workshops.
For more than 14 years, Northern New Jersey has held a regional LGBTQA college leadership conference. This year’s conference serves as a one-day educational and leadership development opportunity for college students, faculty, and staff, and the surrounding community. It will bring together several hundred participants from across the tri-state area to explore and develop the skills necessary to continue building and supporting a united and inclusive queer movement.
The conference is hosted by a consortium of colleges and universities including New Jersey City University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Montclair State University, Ramapo College, William Paterson University.

    2016 CONFERENCE THEME: “A Call to Action: Using Your Leadership to Create Change”

    “A Call to Action: Using Your Leadership to Create Change” was inspired by campus community activists who envision a movement for justice that overlaps with other social causes that are relevant in our day to day – a public education campaign to bring attention to the widespread needs of historically marginalized LGBTQ people. We urge and challenge participants to use their leadership to create change, keeping in mind the need for intersectional-focused social justice work because there is overlap in our causes. Selected workshops and speakers will shed light on issues that are often forgotten, such as classism and segments of the LGBTQ community that are almost completely unseen, such as LGBTQ communities of color, intersex and transgender communities, and homeless youth. Through this theme, the conference will inspire and shape student leaders, including higher educational professionals, to foster a fully inclusive movement that advocates for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

    Guidelines for Workshop Proposal Submissions:

    • Workshops will be offered as simultaneous 60-minute breakout sessions from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Workshop audiences are anticipated to include 20-50 participants per workshop.
     • Workshops will be offered on two tracks: fundamental (introductory workshops) and advanced workshops. Workshop content should be designed for one of these targeted tracks. If possible, a track for staff and faculty will also be available.
     • Workshops must speak to the conference theme " A Call to Action: Using Your Leadership to Create Change." They should identify how people create change and where these changes are occurring.
     Examples of related topics we hope to see offered include: 
    o The arts o Courage and resiliency o Trans rights in the military
     o Violence in the community and against trans women of color 
    o Brave spaces vs. safe spaces 
    o Anti-racism o Intersectional work 
    o Gay adoption o Allyship 
    o Victories within the movement
     o Lessons learned from the Black Lives Matter movement 
    o From Stonewall to Black Lives Matter to Orlando 
    o Young, trans people of color 
    o LGBTQ refugees 
    Feedback from past conferences has indicated that interactive workshops are highly desired. Workshop presenters should consider ways in which you can engage your audience or facilitate discussion. Also, please identify a target audience for your workshop.

    For more information please contact:

    Dr. Frank C. Nascimento, New Jersey City University Proposals, Workshops, and Programs Committee Chair Email: fnascimento@njcu.edu Phone: 201-200-3149
    Please fill out this submission form
    attached to the link above.

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