Monday, January 05, 2009

New series on the Obama family, Comments?


We have decided to change the series name to "First Family of Hope", and luckily we have just enough time to change the name before the books go to print. Originally we were going to use "First Family of Change" but we wanted to differentiate our series from the many that are already out, or set to come out in the near future, so we went with (what we thought was appealing based on the aforementioned media examples) "Cool".

I think "Hope" does the trick while communicating the importance and historical significance.


This is an advertisement for a new book series marketed to elementary school children, "Obamas, First Family of Cool".

What do you think?

Persons surveyed found the title to be disparaging and demeaning to our new first family.

Post your comments here or to the publisher at Mason Crest Publishers []

The stories of the Obamas are uniquely American stories. This six-book set takes readers behind the scenes and tells the stories of this family from six unique perspectives.

Take advantage of our pre-publication special and save over $20 on the complete set of six.

Barack is the story of a man of humble beginnings, the son of a white mother from
Kansas and a black father from Kenya, Africa,and the extraordinary journey he took on his way to the presidency.

Michelle takes readers back to her childhood andformative years, and follows her steps and choices along her way to becoming the first lady of the United States of America.

Malia, 10 years old, plays piano, soccer, and tennis, and loves dance and drama. Experience becoming a member of the first family through Malia's eyes.

Sasha, the youngest at 7, also plays piano and tennis, and especially loves gymnastics and tap dance. Discover her unusual take on it all.

The Obama Family Tree traces the lives and times of the Obamas' ancestors, including early American colonists from Europe, African villagers, and South Carolina slaves.

Obama Mania shares the stories of those most effected, including everyday people and celebrities, men and women, young and old, black and white, in America and around the world. Obama mania is undeniable!

· More then 25 engaging photos
· 64 full-color pages
· Library bound
· Trim size: 7¼ x 9 ¼
· Ages:10 and up

The Obama's: First Family of Cool Set ISBN / 978-1-4222-1476-3
Barack Obama / 978-1-4222-1477-0
Michelle Obama / 978-1-4222-1478-7
Malia Obama / 978-1-4222-1479-4
Sasha Obama / 978-1-4222-1480-0
The Obama Family / 978-1-4222-1481-7
Obama Mania / 978-1-4222-1482-4

Hardcover Library Price Each . . . . . . $19.95
Hardcover 6-Book Set Price . . . . . . $119.70
Special Pre-publication Set Price . . . . $99.50


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  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I received this email today from the publisher


    We appreciate your feedback very much and are reconsidering the Obama series title.

    As a background to why we had originally picked the “Cool” label:

    At Mason Crest, our target is children and young adults. We try our hardest to make our series appeal to them; to get them to read. When deciding on the Obama series name, our research showed that the “Cool” label for Obama had continuously popped up in the mainstream media. There were segments on CNN, MTV & Showbiz tonight, a spread in Ebony magazine & NY Post, and Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press had spoken of the family as “cool”.

    We deeply apologize if you found the series name offensive and/or denigrating. Our intentions are to educate and celebrate this great moment in American history.

    Warm regards,
    Ben Buch